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We offer our hotel. Enjoy!

When you stay at Hotel Bell Bird Hotel Monteverde, you can count on some services and facilities to make your stay a better experience.


Our intention is to provide the excellent customer service - that has always characterized our owner - operated hotel.

With your stay you will enjoy:

Wireless Internet.


Hotel Bell Bird has WIFI so you will have  the opportunity to maintain contact with your relatives and friends in and out of Costa Rica without ever leaving your room.

Easy to Book any activity in the area.


At  the hotel reception we have information and brochures for each of the activities in the area, and we can book activities  for you immediately.



Breakfast included with any hosting package

Our hotel has the ability to host organized groups or students (Maximum 25 people) to which

we offer a complete package of lodging and three meals




Exclusive parking for hotel guests and the ease of having the service station (Gas) only 100m. Away.

Hot Water and Comfort


We have hot water and clean comfortable, accomodations.

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